Nordic Pole Walking (Urban Poling) & Gentle Stretching Classes - Details

The ACTIVATOR Pole Walking classes are NOT appropriate for people:

  • using a walker full-time, or 2 canes (If either pertain to you, only use walking poles under the supervision and direction of a health professional.)
  • who are in middle to late stages of chronic neurological conditions that result in moderate to severe coordination, stability and balance issues (such as Alzheimer’s and other Dementias, stroke, Parkinson’s and MS)
  • who are in the early stages of hip and knee replacements because walking poles are not designed for moderate to maximum weight-bearing
  • with acute cardiopulmonary diseases or conditions
  • with spatial or visual neglect
  • who have osteoarthritis in the finger joints
  • with severe rheumatoid arthritis in the finger joints
  • with acute stages of and tennis elbow and frozen shoulder
  • are in need of rehab/immediate recovery from any injury (please see your health professional instead)

Also, ACTIVATOR Poling classes are NOT for:

  • athletes/people wishing to cross-train hard during class and get a heavy cardio workout (please see our Urban Poling classes instead!)

Nope! The ACTIVATOR and Urban walking poles are actually provided for you to use/try during our classes!!!! But be forewarned! Our poles are of excellent quality – they are like the Lamborghini of Nordic walking poles . . . sleek and ergonomically designed with patented CoreGrip technology –  you will fall in love with these poles!! There’s no sales pressure whatsoever and poles can be purchased if you choose.

If you’re really set on using your own poles during our classes, be our guest. But the Urban poling/ACTIVATOR  technique presented may not apply to your poles.  So why not try the provided poles if you’re able? 

For your Urban Poling/ACTIVATOR Poling & Gentle Stretching classes, you need:

  1. Registration and payment
  2. Required forms need to be filled out and handed to your instructor before your classes begin (see Required Forms).
  3. Comfortable walking shoes (no sandals, flip flops, or high heels please)
  4. Water bottle with your name on it
  5. Weather-appropriate clothing in layers 
  6. Hat/cap/toque/earmuffs/kleenex for the ears/light mitts 
  7. A backpack or fanny pack  – so you can keep your valuables, water, snack, phone, and extra clothing inside. Your instructor’s backpack can only hold so much! 

In the Urban Poling class, for convenience and because we will be outside, we will do our stretching from a standing position. 

In the ACTIVATOR Poling class, we will have cleaned and sanitized chairs available for stretching. There will be standing and seated variations of stretches demonstrated, and you do what you’re able. No floor stretches are required in this class. 


We also provide private individual or group poling instruction. Please use our contact form to contact us.

In the summer, Noodlelegs offers Forest Poling Adventures, and gentle intros to kayaking and paddleboarding. In the winter, we have snowshoeing outings! Please see the main page for more information.

Yay! It IS fun, hey?

If you’d like to take more than one class a week, please just indicate that on your registration form. Many people enjoy taking more than one class per week to get a jump start on their poling technique and fitness!

Nope – but taking the classes is recommended to learn the tricks of the trade and doing so can only serve to benefit your enjoyment! 

For sure!

If Nordic Pole Walking (Urban Poling) & Gentle Stretching by Noodlelegs is shut down because of Covid, you will be reimbursed for the classes we haven’t held yet.

Or, you can put your remaining payment towards future poling classes once we resume.

Your choice!

Please use our Contact Form OR call 2505496778. We have many different classes running, so if we miss you, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

From the head Noodlelegs Health and Fitness certified Urban Poling instructor:

Whenever I’d see people walking with poles, admittedly, I thought they were just needing help with their balance while walking. I’d think, “Hey, good for them. They’re enjoying themselves, they’re outdoors and getting some exercise. But naw, walking poles aren’t for me – yet. My balance is fine.”

But only a few weeks later, I did try the Urban Poling poles and technique for 10 seconds  – and that’s all it took. I could really feel how these poles are a low-impact, safe activity to boost my walking/hiking! They immediately engage more muscles, make me feel taller, tremendously improve my posture, I increase my stride length, and it activates my upper body muscles I don’t normally use much while walking (especially my lats, core, and arms). The upper body muscle recruitment resembles that of cross-country skiing – but without the skis and snow (in the warmer months, anyway!). But more than anything – it’s fun! My walking speed increases, I love the propulsion I get, and my knees and ankles feel WAY better because of the offloading! 

Urban Poling is an activity for all ages that can be done almost anywhere, in any season – individually or in groups  – and it just energizes you! I encourage you to learn the Urban Poling or ACTIVATOR Poling technique, practice it, and take your gym outside. Our bodies were made to move! 

 I wish I picked up this sport years ago, but it’s never too late! Let me help you get going with Urban Poling. Let’s laugh and learn together in a casual and friendly atmosphere, and let’s get outside and explore!