Nordic Pole Walking & Gentle Stretching Adventures

Meet new people, explore many different regions in your area, and learn a new lifelong skill!

Nordic Pole Walking is an activity that makes walking a FULL-BODY workout by using “cross-country-type” ski poles as you walk. It sounds easy, but there is a bit of technique to learn if we want maximum effectiveness. (And Noodlelegs even provides you with poles – free of charge – to use in our classes!)

 Try a fun Nordic Pole Walking Workshop to learn 2 types of Nordic Pole Walking:

1.For people who like to walk for exercise – whether it be a leisurely stroll around the block, or going for a longer hike on a trail. And Noodlelegs currently offers group Nordic Pole Walking & Gentle Stretching in beginner and intermediate levels. This is called the Urban Poling Technique.

2.For some people, the movement of walking can be difficult for various reasons. And we understand this, so Noodlelegs can explain, demonstrate and teach the technique that’s best for that: it’s called the Activator Technique.

These different types of pole walking techniques are based on the needs of the individual, and both techniques can help with:

  • posture
  • core strength
  • calorie burn
  • balance
  • flexibility
  • increasing walking stride
  • mood, confidence, and more smiles

Which pole walking technique is right for you – Nordic Pole Walking vs Activator Poling? Please see below under the heading “Which is Nordic pole walking technique is right for me?” But it is good to learn both techniques, because you never know what will happen in life.

Fun private individual / group lessons are also available (for health retreats, Pro-D days, mental health days, retirement residences, etc.)

Want to learn Nordic Pole Walking, but don’t know where to start?

To do Nordic Pole Walking effectively, there’s more to it than you think! Why not learn about the poles and the different techniques, and then go from there?

Here’s your chance to learn and try it out!

These workshops are NOT workouts, but are informative  – yet simple, and fun learning times!

Poles and chairs will be provided for you to use during the workshop.

The next Nordic Pole Walking Workshops are scheduled for:

DATE: Saturday April 6, 2024
TIME: 2:00pm-3:30pm
COST: $40
LOCATION: at a park in Vernon BC – location will be sent to you upon registration

DATE: Saturday September 7, 2024
TIME: 12:00pm-1:30pm
COST: $40
LOCATION: at a park in Vernon BC – location will be sent to you upon registration

 Register here or please contact Noodlelegs or call 250.549.6778.

-A certified personal trainer, older adult, group fitness, and urban poling instructor will guide you through the basics of 2 Nordic Pole Walking techniques.
We will answer such questions as:

  • Why do people use these things? Is it that much better for you?
  • Which poles should I use?
  • Where do I begin?
  • Will this help me with my goals?
  • Why are poles so different?
  • Does it matter which poles I use?
  • How do you set these things up, anyway?
  • Why are there different endings on poles?
  • I am unsure which poling technique is best for me?
  • Why do I see people using their poles at different heights?
  • Which Noodlelegs pole walking class would I be great at?

Further details will be emailed to you upon receipt of registration.

Dates don’t work for you?? Arrangements can also be made for private or group lessons/workshops.


Different levels and days, on a weekly basis. Registration is for the entire session and not individual classes.

If you’d like a drop in, or to choose a few dates here and there, please contact Noodlelegs as there will be a waitlist for the classes.

Registration and paid fee holds your spot for the session.

SWAGGER into SPRING with Noodlelegs April & May 2024: **CLASSES ALL FULL**

**FULL** SIS BEGINNER: **FULL**- contact to get on waitlist
TUESDAYS 1:00pm-2:00/2:30pm
APRIL 9/16/23
MAY 7/14/21
COST: $120

**FULL** SIS INTERMEDIATE #1 **FULL** – contact to get on waitlist
THURSDAYS 10:00am-11:30+am
APRIL 11/18/25
MAY 9/16/23
COST: $120

**FULL** SIS INTERMEDIATE #2: **FULL**- contact to get on waitlist
FRIDAYS 10:00am-11:30+am
APRIL 12/19/26
MAY 10/17/24
COST: $120

REGISTER HERE or call Noodlelegs 250.549.6778

SUMMER is SOON with Noodlelegs June 2024: SORRY- not available for registration at this time

THURSDAYS 5:00pm-6:00/6:30pm
JUNE 6/13/20/27
COST: $80

THURSDAYS 9:00-10:30/11:00am
JUNE 6/13/20/27
COST: $80

FRIDAYS 9:00-10:30/11:00am
JUNE 7/14/21/28
COST: $80


In July/August 2023 we met new people, saw new trails, stopped and smelled the flowers, took many ‘a photo, and gained confidence while climbing over logs and scrambling up some rocks… good fun! Way to go Noodleleggers!

For the summers, our pole walking adventures turn into FOREST pole walking adventures!!

Different levels and days, on a weekly basis. Registration is for the entire session and not individual classes.

If you’d like a drop in, please contact Noodlelegs as there will be a waitlist for the classes.

Registration and paid fee holds your spot for the session.

Forest Poling Adventures with Noodlelegs August 2024:

WEDNESDAYS 9:00am-10:00am
AUGUST 2024 7/14/21/28
COST: $80

THURSDAYS 8:00am-9:30+am
AUGUST 2024 8/15/22/29
COST: $80

FRIDAYS 8:00am-9:30+am
AUGUST 2024 9/16/23/30
COST: $80

For FOREST POLING ADVENTURES 2024, online registration is here or call 250.549.6778.

FABULOUS FALL with Noodlelegs September 2024

Fall is a LOVELY time to be out honing your Nordic Pole Walking skills in the radiant beauty of our local Okanagan trails!

Different levels and days, on a weekly basis. Registration is for the entire session and not individual classes.

If you’d like a drop in, please contact Noodlelegs as there will be a waitlist for the classes.

Registration and paid fee holds your spot for the session.

TUESDAYS 1:00pm-2:00/2:30pm
SEPTEMBER 2024 10/17/24
COST: $60

THURSDAYS 10:00am-11:30+am
SEPTEMBER 2024 12/19/26 $60

FRIDAYS 10:00am-11:30+am
SEPTEMBER 2024 13/20/27
COST: $60

The fall schedule online registration is here or call 250.549.6778.

Tried and tested by the Noodlelegs head instructor and many “Noodleleggers” – these are ergonomically designed, high quality poles with a patented Core grip technology.  You can learn and practice 2 different effective pole walking techniques – depending on your needs!  Anyone who has used poles for Alpine or Nordic skiing instantly recognizes the quality and beneficial design of these poles. We use these for our snowshoeing adventures as well.

Why NOT try them for yourself?? Poles are provided for you to use in any Noodlelegs class, free of charge. Plus, we have Nordic Pole Walking workshops here and there…

Noodlelegs teaches 2 types of Nordic Pole Walking. Here’s the difference:

  1. The (Urban) Nordic Pole Walking & Gentle Stretching Adventures may benefit:
  • younger and older adults – who can walk 20 minutes or more unassisted
  • people looking for a low-impact, full-body workout
  • people wanting to lose weight and burn calories (20-40% more than regular walking)
  • pre/post-natal walkers
  • all season walkers (including snowshoers)
  • people who wish to improve their balance, flexibility, core strength, and posture
  • active walkers wanting more gusto in their walking routines
  • people who want to manage their type 2 diabetes and breast cancer
  • outdoor groups such as bird watchers/hikers/walking groups
  • people who wish to prepare to use poles for walking/hiking during their vacations
  • retirement groups and facilities
  • people who cross-train
  • people who want to train to walk longer distances faster- perhaps for travel or a marathon walk
  • people who want to “up” their regular walking routine – and this is FUN too!!

2. We also learn the ACTIVATOR Pole Walking technique  in our workshops, and it may be appropriate for and benefit adults who:

  • are not active 
  • have been less active . . . lately
  • are tentative/scared to begin or return to exercising
  • have balance, coordination, gait difficulties or issues
  • have minor visual limitations
  • have limited grip strength
  • struggle with obesity
  • have recently recovered from a lower body injury
  • are in post hip and knee surgery stages, and who have been under care of a health professional during recovery
  • are in moderate to mid stages of chronic pain and neurological conditions that result in general weakness, mild coordination, stability and balance issues (such as FibroMyalgia, Alzheimer’s and other Dementias, stroke, Parkinson’s and MS)

*Please consult your physician or health care professional before attending class and using the ACTIVATOR poles if you currently use a cane, if you sometimes use a walker, or if you have any medical condition. 


If there’s room in the groups, that should be fine. But, if you’re new to Nordic Pole Walking, we recommend that you attend a Nordic Pole Walking Workshop first if possible. This way, we learn what poling technique is best for your needs and what group level you’d feel most comfortable in.

Each individual is different and has various life experiences, so please call us and we will help get you started! Evenings are best to reach Noodlelegs, as we are mostly outside during the days. Please call 250.549.6778 or use the contact form and let us know what time is good for a call-back!

Want to start at the beginning with some fun, gentle guidance? Perhaps you’d like to give poling a try but are a wee bit tentative as to your technique/level. At Noodlelegs we undeerstand, so you have an option of a private lesson. Contact us for details and we will work together to get you out there!

Noodlelegs also instructs care facilities, corporate groups, adult birthday parties/family gatherings, bachelorette parties, noon-time walking groups, etc.. Good fun!!

To register for a Noodlelegs Nordic Pole Walking & Gentle Stretching Adventures:

Online registration can be done by clicking here.

Or call Noodlelegs at 250.549.6778 and leave a message.

Or use the online contact form:  Contact us.

Don’t fret – you’re not alone!

Attempting a new skill can seem overwhelming. But you’ve already taken a step by snooping on this website, so why not try something new?

Why not try a Nordic Pole Walking Workshop? A lot of people take the workshop, and then get connected in a Noodlelegs pole walking class that suits their needs.

Or a private lesson is always fun too!

Please call us 2505496778 or contact us and we will guide you through every step in a casual, friendly manner! We can sure get you connected in a class. Noodlelegs is all about our people – our “Noodleleggers” – and it’s important to us that you feel comfortable with your Noodlelegs experience.

Normally we prefer you to join the class for its entire session – simply because the class is progressive in a few different ways and we don’t want you to feel you’ve missed out! Plus, the accountability is there if you commit. And, on those gross-feeling days – when we’d rather snuggle up indoors – if we’re committed to a full class session, it’s a motivator to get out- and we ALL need that! 

But, at Noodlelegs, we know life happens, and that there is a season for everything. Sometimes we just can’t make every class. So, drop-ins may be offered if there’s room in the current classes. Please contact us for details. Drop in fee is $25 per Nordic Pole Walking Adventure (includes use of poles).

Three methods of payment:

  1. e-transfer (details provided upon your registration)
  2. cash
  3. personal cheque

Full receipts will be issued upon request.

Drop-in fees are due right before your drop-in class begins.
E-transfer, personal cheque or correct amount of cash is accepted at the beginning of class.
Your class-appropriate forms need to be filled out and handed to your instructor before class begins please! (Required forms are also available in class but please arrive 10 min ahead of time to fill them out.)

Details will be provided for you upon registration.

Nope! The poles are provided for you to use/try during our classes free of charge!!!! But be forewarned -our poles are  excellent quality – they are like the Lamborghini of Nordic walking poles . . . sleek and ergonomically designed with patented CoreGrip technology –  you will fall in love with these poles!! There’s no sales pressure whatsoever, but poles can be purchased from the instructor if you choose.

If you’re really set on using your own poles during our classes, be our guest. But the technique presented will not fully apply to your poles.  So why not try the free provided poles if you’re able? If you have questions about using your own poles in our classes, please contact us! 

GIVE THE GIFT of HEALTH!! Our gift certificates are ideal for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings, etc.. Available in any denomination, and can be used towards any classes/adventures! Just contact us and we will let you know the process. It’s easy. And we provide a cute little gift certificate you can have personalized.
  • low impact full body workout
  • great indoors and outdoors
  • come out for the social time and laughter
  • improve your core strength
  • walking has never been this fun!


Christine is part of the Noodlelegs Nordic Pole Walking Family.  She is a published author, dog lover, dementia activist, international speaker and … lives independently with early onset dementia