Noodlelegs provides health and fitness services to meet the needs of the local community. We do cater to the 50+ crowd, but all ages are welcome. Our current client base ranges from ages 13 – 86!

Meet new people, learn a new skill, visit new places, and enjoy the outdoors with our Nordic pole walking & gentle stretching adventures.

Love your winter and experience the crispness of snow-covered trees on our snowshoe adventures.

Get your fall-prevention groove on in NoodleSteppin- our one-of-a-kind brain teasing, balance, agility and coordination “line-dancing” type of activity class where we also use resistance bands for gentle strength training.  (Strength training portion can be done seated or standing.)

We all know laughter is good for us! Enjoy exercising- just by laughing! Ha ha! Join our LOL Laugh Therapy & Gentle Stretching classes. Coming summer 2024.

Noodlelegs is a light-hearted, non-judgemental, fun group environment where there’s the option to commit to regular outings and try new adventures, under safe guidance and certified instruction.

Are you:
-just starting out/wanting to maintain a lighter exercise program (nothing Olympic-level!) but need certified instruction
-needing to get out and just do something different
-wanting to have fun and socialize while you exercise
-preferring to feel safer out on the trails in a group environment
-needing to commit to a program to help you improve your strength, stamina or general mood
Then Noodlelegs is for YOU!

Cool -thanks!!

On Facebook you will find Noodlelegs under:


Admittedly, our facebook page doesn’t show the real deal – we should post more, but right now we want people to discover the Noodlelegs experience by participating!

Please use our contact form.

We can either email you back – or chat on the phone (250.549.6778). We actually prefer to have a phone call with you so we can get to know you a bit, see where you’re at, and then match you with a program and get you started asap! Plus, we love meeting people in the community.

Noodlelegs is all about YOU!!