Snowshoeing Adventures with Noodlelegs Health & Fitness

  • change your relationship with winter by participating in this mood-lifting activity
  • healthy alternative to the gym -> being outside is BEST!!
  • join us for social time and laughter
  • shorter, gentle snowshoe introductions/trials also available
  • low impact activity 
  • rentals available
  • adventures are geared towards older adults, (but all ages are welcome!)
  • burn calories and build muscle with this full-body workout
  • boost your immunity by being active outdoors
  • led by a BCRPA certified personal trainer / older adult / group fitness instructor
  • The winter flies by when we do stuff outdoors! Walking in the snow has never been this much fun!
  • Noodlelegs began offering Snowshoeing Adventures in (2020) for adults 50+ (but all ages are welcome), and the response has been fabulous!
  • Socialize while you exercise in the crisp fresh air – it’s SO refreshing!
  • Marvel at the beauty we have RIGHT HERE in the Okanagan! It just takes a little effort to get going, but once you explore the amazing outdoors with us, you’ll be glad you did!
  • Join a neat group of like-minded encouraging Noodleleggers, and HAVE FUN!! We cater to those who are 50+, but our clientele range from 10 – 86!
  • Snowshoes and poles are provided, or you can bring your own (and reduce your fee)
  • Complete instruction and assistance with mounting and removing snowshoes as required
  • Noodlelegs offers different level snowshoe adventures on various days: ranging from the absolute beginner introduction/trials, to the 1-2 hour regular adventure outings.  You can choose to be a part of a regular class that meets often, or try snowshoeing one time at an introduction- see if it’s for you – and then join a group if you’d like.
  • This is a snowshoeing/Nordic Pole Walking Combo class. If the snow isn’t good or if it’s too cold, we will do a Nordic Pole Walking adventure in town -so we should always have something going on that day (unless it’s too cold in town as well.)
  • We do gentle a warm-up before and stretches upon completion of each adventure
  • Bonus: Photos are taken by the adventure leader, edited and then emailed to you upon request for no extra charge.
  • Snowshoe season goes from November – March (and if the snow is good, we may add some spring snowshoeing dates!)
  • Locations of the adventures vary – depending on the snow – but we stay within the Vernon, British Columbia area. Our chosen snowshoeing areas are away from the crowds/resorts.

ALL DONE for the 2023-2024 season- the best season YET!

To get on the waitlist for 2024-2025 snowshoe season, please contact Noodlelegs.

Good Noodletimes. Great Noodleleggers!

Snowshoe adventures are available in three levels:
• 1 hour Basic Introductions/Trials
• 1 hour Beginner adventures
• 2 hour Intermediate adventures
and also: Moonlit adventures

**Because of the popularity, these snowshoe dates are not on drop in basis. If you wish to have a drop in or to change a certain date, please contact Noodlelegs. Registering for a regular group holds your spot as spaces will be limited fro 2024/25 season.

Can I join late? Maybe! Just contact Noodlelegs and we will help get you into a group.

Snowshoe Levels and Dates:

1. Introduction/Trial: you’ve always wanted to try snowshoeing, but don’t know where to begin, or perhaps you
are unsure if that hip/knee of yours will hold up in a 2 hour adventure; you’d like a 1 hour introduction to see if this
is for you! Everything you need is provided: chairs, snowshoes and poles (if needed), assistance with gearing up,
technique and trail guidance from a personal trainer/older adult/group fitness instructor, and we go at a very slow
pace on flatter routes; all explained in a fun and friendly, no-stress/non-competitive manner; includes warm up and
cool down movements; total time is 1 hour, but the actual snowshoeing only ends up being about 30 min, with lots of

2. Beginner Adventures: you’re not really new to snowshoeing, but some days are harder than others for your body;
you need the snowshoe adventure to be a bit more gentle; you do some walking on your own, but hills can be/are a
challenge; you’d like a guided group outing, but at a very slow pace, on flatter routes, filled with smiles and

3. Intermediate Adventures: you’re not new to snowshoeing/or you perhaps ski and walk on your own, or you live
a busy lifestyle and are used to moving a lot in your day; this class is not for people with any heart/ health
issues/post-surgery recovery; we do hills, but we stop; these are seen as “regular classes” and run every second
week. Please don’t plan to have any appointments right after our outing as sometimes we do take longer than planned.


NEW THIS YEAR: If it’s colder than -15°C or the snow conditions are terrible/unsafe for snowshoeing, we will stay in town and meet for a Nordic pole walking adventure! You will be notified the morning OF your adventure if it’s a no-go for snowshoeing, and then you will immediately receive directions/instructions via email to our Nordic pole walking destination for that day.

We will snowshoe in all types of weather, unless it is too cold or unsafe.

Please note the new cancellation policy for this year:

  • No refunds for missed classes, but we can try to fit you into another adventure. There are no guarantees that there will be room in another adventure.


Equivalent to a complete beginner Snowshoe Adventure – specifically tailored to older adults.


  • you’d LOVE to try the peaceful snowshoeing experience, but don’t know where to begin and you certainly don’t want to go alone
  • you’d prefer a safe time with complete instruction and guidance
  • you aren’t sure how your body will feel after snowshoeing (for whatever reason), and this is a gentle start
  • perhaps you can only walk on flats for 20-30 min or less, but you really really want to try snowshoeing
  • you’re tired of the winter blues and would like to get into a new activity and need a bit of assistance
  • you’d like to try out your gear (or rentals) in an introductions so you know how it works and how it should feel

Let Noodlelegs help you get started, and we will have fun doing so!! A Noodlelegs snowshoe introduction can perhaps be a good thing to try before enrolling in the regular Noodlelegs snowshoe adventures.

Smaller group sizes mean you get individual attention, and safety is key.

If this piques your interest even a tiny bit, please take advantage of your adventurous curiosity!  Contact us and we will answer any questions you have! Why NOT?? You will talk to the head instructor and discuss things.

Introduction/Trial Snowshoe Adventure: total time is 1 hour, but the actual snowshoeing only ends up being about 30min, with lots of breaks.

Good times. Great Noodleleggers!

Nope! Snowshoe and pole rentals are available at a super cheap rate when you’re on a Noodlelegs snowshoe adventure!

Registration for the 2024-2025 season will resume in fall 2024. Or contact Noodlelegs to be placed on the waitlist.

Call 250.549.6778 if you have any questions.

All adventures have limited number of spaces. But there are often cancellations – so if your desired adventure is FULL, check with us! Please call 250.549.6778 in Vernon BC for more information. If we are out playing in the snow, please leave a message and we will get back to you asap.

In any level – complete beginner (gentle introductions), beginner (no – to wee hills) or intermediate (some good hills):

Private Snowshoe Adventures in any level

Church Group/Corporate Snowshoe Adventures

Retirement/Bachelorette Snowshoe Parties

Private Family Holiday Snowshoe Adventures

Just contact Noodlelegs and we will see what we can do for you!

Some adventures may appear to be full, but we do have cancellations here and there because life happens. To be placed on the WAITLIST for a certain date, please contact us. You will be given preference in order of received contacts. Or call 250.549.6778 in the evenings to have a chat.

Details provided once your registration is received.

Details provided once your registration is received.

Details provided once your registration is received.