NoodleSteppin with Noodlelegs Health & Fitness

Noodlelegs introduces . . . NoodleSteppin!

Most people say it’s a bit like line-dancing, but it’s groovy movement and steps to music – and we do it the Noodlelegs way! NoodleSteppin is a non-judgmental atmosphere where people can exercise safely and effectively – always with an element of fun!

A casual, non-impact, non-twisting, easy line-dance-kind-of-movement class for complete beginners who are approx 50+ (but all ages are welcome!).

Emphasis is on coordination, agility, balance, recall, fall prevention and fitness (but still at our beginner level).

Please note: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are pretty much the same 60’s/70’s/80’s music, but each class has a different feel to it, and sometimes the strength portion and activities can change too.

NoodleSteppin may also benefit those with Osteoporosis/Arthritis because we don’t slam the feet/joints or do any jumping. You can even have a chair nearby to hang on to –  just in case.

A NoodleSteppin class will generally look like this:

  • a very slow warm up to get the body moving; this may include a fun activity that keeps you guessing
  • an “oldies” NoodleSteppin song: we will do basic, non-impact, functional body movements
  • we take a break, have some water, and grab our resistance bands for the strengthening portion of class
  • gentle strength training portion- can be done from a seated or standing position (no floor mat work)
  • review the NoodleSteppin song if there’s time
  • cool down


“With these Noodlelegs activities, you aren’t seen as ‘just an old lady’. You are treated as a respected friend, and as someone who matters. FINALLY!! The instructor understands that we want to get out, have fun, meet some new friends, laugh and feel better! This is what Vernon desperately needs!”- L, 77

GREAT! Then you’ll fit in perfectly with our non-judgemental classes —>  where nobody cares!

We use music to help improve our coordination, balance, agility and fall prevention techniques. But, if you are a dancer, you may not appreciate the “non-fluidity” of the movements to the music. Each movement presented has a hidden agenda: functional fitness for the older adult. So some of our moves aren’t necessarily “dance” moves, while some dance moves may be used but are slightly adapted.

We are here to laugh, have fun, move and groove – and improve!

2024 NoodleSteppin Schedule!

3 different sessions :

  • (January – March – completed! Good fun!!)
  • April – May
  • June – sorry- not available at this time
  • resuming September 2024 contact Noodlelegs to be put on the waitlist

We will (mostly) be doing a 3 week on, 1 week off schedule.

Mondays 10:00-11:00am
Wednesdays 10:00-11:00am
Fridays 1:00pm-2:00pm

COST: varies based on how many classes you take per session:
1 day /week per session – $10/class includes tax
2 days/week per session – receive 1 free class
3 days /week per session – receive 3 free classes

DROP IN? If there’s room in the classes, drop in fee is $15. Please contact Noodlelegs for availability.

Please note: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes are pretty much the same presentation and movements using 50’s/60’s/70’s/80’s music, but each class has a different feel, and sometimes the activities do change. Many Noodleleggers prefer to take more than one class per week (and get a discount as well!)



APRIL 2024
**FULL** Mondays 8/15/22 no 1/29 **FULL**
Wednesdays 10/17/24 no 3
Fridays 12/19/26 no 5

MAY 2024
**FULL** Mondays 6/13/20 no 27 **FULL**
Wednesdays 8/15/22 no 1/29
Fridays 10/17/24 no 3/31

1 class/week (6 classes)= $60
2 classes/week (12 classes)= $110
3 classes /week (18 classes)= $150

SESSION 3: JUNE 2024 – – sorry- not available at this time
JUNE 2024
Mondays 3/10/17 no 24
Wednesdays 5/12/19 no 26
Fridays 7/14/21 no 28

1 class/week (3 classes)= $30
2 classes/week (6 classes)= $50
3 classes /week (9 classes)= $60

(Resuming the week of Sept 16/2024, and that schedule will be posted end of June/2024.)

Noodlelegs Health & Fitness holds indoor NoodleSteppin classes at:

Knox Presbyterian Church
3701 32nd Ave, Vernon BC
(along Alexis Park Drive in Vernon)


  • For our strength training portion in our NoodleSteppin class, we will be using resistance bands. Please bring yours.
  • If you have more than one band, bring them! You may want bands of different strengths for different exercises.
  • Please bring water, a snack, any needed medications, weather appropriate clothing  – and smiles!


  • No, you do not need a cowgirl/cowboy hat . . . but feel free to wear one, or some other another dancing hat! Be YOU! This is YOUR time!
  • No, you don’t need cowboy boots because we aren’t doing any hard stomping moves. Please wear comfortable shoes without heels, and that are loosely-snug on your feet. (The instructor will be wearing running shoes.)
  • No, you don’t need tight, fancy line-dancing jeans! In the strength training portion, you will want to be able to sit and move comfortably. (The instructor will be wearing comfortable sweats and tshirt.)  But wear whatever you feel best in. Just know that this isn’t a fashion show by any means. It’s a casual, fun, family atmosphere!

1. Registration for 2024 is now open! Register online here

2. Call 250.549.6778 for more information and we will help you get registered

Payment instructions will be send upon class registration confirmation.

Important Note: You CANNOT participate in Noodlelegs Noodlesteppin classes without these health forms filled out and handed to the Noodlelegs instructor.

Your choice:

download, print and fill these forms out – then bring them to first class
arrive early to your first class and fill them out

With your registration, you will indicate your preferred method to fill these out.  But please have a boo at these required health forms to see if you need a health care professional consult before you exercise.

Required forms

Yes – you may join after the start date— if there’s room…

Everything is explained thoroughly in each class. You aren’t expected to have any previous knowledge to begin! We all learn new stuff each class.

Just call Noodlelegs to see if there’s availability or get on the waitlist for the next session.

Noodlelegs doesn’t have regular drop in classes, but if you’d like to try it once to see if it fits with your individual medical needs, we understand.

Please talk to the instructor via email ( or phone 250.549.6778 (evenings) and we will try and accommodate if the classes aren’t full.