Osteofit Classes - Details

Osteofit is an effective series of exercise classes designed by the BC Women’s Hospital and Health Center’s Osteoporosis Program. Osteofit classes help the participants lessen the chance of falling by performing safe, gentle guided exercises that target:

  • the ability of day-to-day activities
  • joint range of motion
  • balance
  • agility
  • strength through gentle resistance
  • posture
  • spinal stability
  • core and functional strength

Is it only for people with Osteoporosis or who have fallen?

Do I have to have Osteoporosis or other bone issues to take these classes?

Osteofit is tailored to people with Osteoporosis, people who are at high risk for falls and fractures, and people with mobility issues. It is a superb program for a person who has a low bone density or has had a previous fracture due to Osteoporosis. The Osteofit program only uses exercises that are designed to keep fragile bones safe! Only low impact exercises are used and the bending/twisting is kept to a zero or absolute minimum.

Certain medical conditions may cause balance and strength issues, and Osteofit is a great program to meet those needs! And with Osteofit, fall prevention is a priority! Osteofit can also help improve independence, functionality, quality of life . . . and therefore confidence!  BUT – because this program is SO effective, safe, and efficient, Osteofit is also excellent for anyone who:

  • is an adult 
  • needs motivation to begin exercising
  • is new to any type of exercise
  • is tentative to begin an exercise program
  • is returning to exercise after a long break
  • is wanting to feel and move better
  • wishes to have more strength and mobility for everyday movements
  • needs to exercise safely
  • wants a fun, friendly, lighthearted atmosphere where they know their safety and physical needs are prioritized 
  • wants to take safe, gradual steps at their own pace to better health, yet with certified guidance

Yes! There are different levels of Osteofit! We offer Osteofit 1 and Osteofit for Life:

Osteofit 1 – introductory exercises and movements that focus on functional abilities, posture, balance, agility, and strength through resistance exercises. This is the “entry level” of the 2 Osteofit classes we offer. 
The instructor will demonstrate the exercises from a seated position as well as from a standing position. In Osteofit 1, to begin with, we may do a lot of the exercises while sitting in the chairs (depending on the class). But for the purpose of fall prevention, we will try to do as many exercises as possible from the standing position. Remember, you will exercise at your own pace and comfort level!!

Osteofit 2 (also termed “Osteofit for Life”) – also focuses on functional abilities, posture, balance, agility, and strength through resistance exercises, but at a higher level, and the games and instructions are more challenging. Osteofit 2 is usually for:

  • graduates of Osteofit 1
  • people who don’t find Osteofit 1 challenging enough
  • those who are active and/or are presently strength training

We try not to sit in Osteofit 2 to perform any exercises. If you’re new to Osteofit, it’s usually a good idea to begin with Osteofit 1 before registering in Osteofit 2. Talk to the instructor at the Meet n Greet if you are unsure, or email us!

No referrals are needed, but sometimes a written medical clearance from a physician or nurse practitioner is needed. See “Required Forms” below.

Yes! Noodlelegs.ca abides by WorkSafe BC’s posted protocols to ensure your safety by following any orders or notices issued by the Provincial Health Officer. (But we admit, we are germ freaks as it is, and we take the Covid cleaning to a new level…). 

*We ask that even if you personally do not care for the protocols/hand sanitizer ideas that you do it out of respect for those who do!*

  • provided non-technical grade hand sanitizer must be used upon entering/leaving the classes (or you can wash your hands with soap and water in the washroom)
  • upon arrival at each class, each participant is to sign a daily Covid tracing form
  • you use a cleaned and disinfected pen to sign in
  • each class has a limited number of participants to ensure adherence to proper protocol
  • the open fitness area will have ample room to provide for social distancing requirements
  • we will keep the door open as much as we can for ventilation
  • to ensure your safety, Noodlelegs even purchased fancy new chairs so we can clean and disinfect them between each class!!
  • no sharing of equipment is allowed, so Noodlelegs purchased many new things so we’d have enough for everyone to use during class
  • you can bring a mask to wear into/out of class, but it is hard to exercise with a mask, so it’s your choice as to whether or not you use one during class

Don’t worry, the instructor will show you everything!

We have also changed the Osteofit class format a wee bit:

  • no sharing of equipment in class 
  • the games use proper social distancing and are not in partner format anymore; we will sometimes put markers out for you to make sure you’re following the 2m/6ft spacing guidelines because it’s easy to misjudge or forget when you’re exercising!
  • you are to bring your own resistance band(s) to class (physiotherapy quality and various strengths of bands are available for purchase at class)

The Osteofit class elements become routine and you’ll grow to know what to expect because it is a structured program, but it is the format of delivery that changes and keeps you guessing!! More specific details can be given to you at the Meet n Greet.

In general, a class would look like this:

1. Osteofit Tip: (5 min)

– a health tip designed to educate in the fundamentals of fracture prevention; in discussion form or a quick game is played to solidify the points; handouts are sometimes given; (the Osteofit tip is not intended to replace a health professional’s consultation or advice)

2. gentle full-body warm-up: (12-15 minutes)

3. balance, strength, agility: (35 minutes)

4. relaxation and breathing: (2-5 minutes)

The average participant is generally not a teenager, but these Osteofit classes are great for any age, especially if you have Osteoporosis, general aches and pains, or just want to enjoy life by becoming more active. (See “Who can take these Osteofit classes?”.)

In Osteofit, you will hear constant reminders from your instructor that you need to go at your own pace, and you can stop at any time during the class. Take a break when you need to! Actually, you will hear the instructor reminding you to take a break before you get to that point where you really need to take a break.

We are happy that you’re here with us taking a positive step for your health. If we are going for 10 movements and you can only do 3, that’s ok! Three movements are better than none!

Noodlelegs even provides new safe chairs that we use for certain exercises, and the chairs are always right beside you if you need to rest. We also take many little water breaks, and there’s always a chance to take a washroom break.

One goal of our Osteofit class is for you to leave the class feeling refreshed and with a smile – not dragging your butt to the car exhausted and then unable to move the next day!

Stuff you need for Osteofit:

  • Forms and waivers: are required. This is very important – please see “Required Forms” below. 
  • Clothing and shoes: comfortable, layered clothing and a pair of good-fitting, supportive shoes (no flip flops, high heels, or open-heeled or open-toed shoes please!).
  • Resistance band: Various coloured bands are recommended, but one colour will usually suffice, depending on the participant. Adaptations to certain exercises may have to occur if the resistance of your band is too high. (Which colour of band should you use? Come to the Meet n Greet and see! Bring yours if you have one, or you can purchase one at the Meet n Greet.)
  • Water bottle labelled with your name
  • Needed medications

Because of Covid, all class participants are unable to share equipment during classes, so noodlelegs.ca will be providing enough individual equipment for all activities (except your own resistance band). This format will help minimize contact.  

Osteofit is a very fun and engaging program, and instructors are creative and adapt things to fit individual needs. Cardiovascular training is not a focus in Osteofit, so there are no hard-hitting “aerobics”. There is a warm-up portion, but elevating your heart rate to your “exercise target zone” is not a goal, and it’s not required or necessary –  but cardiovascular exercise is encouraged on your non-Osteofit days!

It is recommended you attend as many Osteofit classes as you’ve registered for, as it’s not a drop-in type of class. Osteofit is geared to help you note personal improvement, so the more you attend the biweekly classes, the better you may feel!!!  And hey, since you need to prepay at the time of your registration, why not take advantage of it all? 

For sure!

If Osteofit  – by Noodlelegs-  is shut down because of Covid, you will be reimbursed for the classes we haven’t held yet.

Or, you can put your remaining payment towards future Osteofit classes once we resume.

Or, you can put your remaining payment towards any outdoor classes that we have running – like snowshoeing or Nordic Pole Walking. You’d love either one!

Your choice!

Please use our Contact Form (located on the top bar on the right side!)

Hi there! My name is Lise (rhymes with “peace”), and I will be your Osteofit instructor this fall.

With relevance to instructing the Osteofit program, some of my qualifications include:

  • educated through a specific Osteofit training course that is designed by the BC Women’s Hospital and Health Center’s Osteoporosis Program’s researchers and clinical specialists.  (I am required to renew my BCRPA Osteofit certification every 3 years. This is because the Osteofit program is based on the latest research and the program is continually updated.)
  • BSc degree from the University of Victoria
  • I am a BCRPA certified instructor in all of the following:  weight trainer, personal trainer; group fitness, older adult, and Nordic Pole walking (Urban Poling)
  • refer to the full bio in the “about” section on this website for more info