Functional Play

We strongly believe that all kids should have a chance to . . . be kids!

At Noodlelegs, we have many years of experience homeschooling our own kids, and we feel that we can provide a safe, fun environment for your kids to play. So we offer you: Functional Play!!!

Balance your child’s scale of academics with play.

In the design of our Functional Play classes, Noodlelegs includes:

  • the environment, activities, and guidance to help develop and nurture positive interactions
  • communicative, locomotive, and social play
  • purposeful and random movements in all directional planes
  • games that teach and reinforce gross and fine motor skills
  • some classic games that promote teamwork, listening, cooperation, turn-taking, and decision making
  • movements that grow physical and cognitive adaptability
  • imaginative, object, purposeful and free play

Keep it simple. Kids need to play outdoors. It’s good for them!!

We are currently taking names for those who are interested.  Please contact us.

Functional Play 

  • K-grade 4

Considerations are made. Just contact us.

We are taking names for those who are interested.

Please contact us.

Nope! But classes may run in the mornings during “school hours”.