Functional Play

We strongly believe that all kids should have a chance to . . . be kids!

We at have many years of experience homeschooling our own kids, and we feel that we can provide a safe, fun environment for your kids to play. So we offer you: Functional Play!!!

Balance your child’s scale of academics with play.

In the design of our Functional Play classes, includes:

  • the environment, activities, and guidance to help develop and nurture positive interactions
  • communicative, locomotive, and social play
  • purposeful and random movements in all directional planes
  • games that teach and reinforce gross and fine motor skills
  • some classic games that promote teamwork, listening, cooperation, turn-taking, and decision making
  • movements that grow physical and cognitive adaptability
  • imaginative, object, purposeful and free play

Keep it simple. Kids need to play. It’s good for them!!

Functional Play by has 2 age groups:

  • group 1:  ages 4-8 and
  • group 2:  ages 9-15

Considerations are made, for example, if your 16 year-old daughter would like to participate with her younger 13 year-old sister in class, etc.. Just contact us.


In the summer/fall 2021, we will hold Functional Play outdoors at various parks in the Vernon areas  


In the summer/fall 2021, we will hold Functional Play outdoors at various parks in the Vernon areas  

Schmoodler 1 Class:

  • for ages 4-8

Schmoodler 2 Class:

  • for ages 9-15

We will not be taking registration at this time for these classes. Contact us if you’re interested.

How do we pay?

 Methods of payment:

  1. e-transfer (
  2. personal cheque/cash at the beginning of first activity
  3. Homeschoolers: Noodlelegs is looking into becoming a vendor for many schools 

Full receipts will be issued.

Noodlelegs abides by WorkSafe BC’s posted protocols to ensure your safety by following any orders or notices issued by the Provincial Health Officer. *We ask that even if you personally do not care for the protocols/hand sanitizer ideas that you do it out of respect for those who do!*

  • non-technical grade hand sanitizer must be used upon entering/leaving the classes (or you can wash your hands with soap and water in the park washroom)
  • each class has a limited number of participants to ensure adherence to proper protocol
  • the open park space allows for fresh air/proper ventilation
  • to ensure your safety, Noodlelegs even purchased fancy new chairs so we can clean and disinfect them between each class!!
  • there are certain rules for washroom use which will be acknowledged before each class
  • when you sign in, the child is assigned a number:  this is their designated number for the entire class session. This keeps sharing to an absolute minimum and spacing to the maximum.
  • we review the Covid rules at each class 
  • you can bring a mask to wear to class, but it is hard to play games with a mask, and it’s your choice as to whether or not your child uses one during class
  • no sharing of equipment in class, except, for example, a soccer ball if we play soccer

Stuff needed for your child to attend Functional Play :

  1. Registration and payment.
  2. ***Forms are required to be completed. This is very important – please see “Required Forms” below. 
  3. Clothing and shoes: We recommend comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and running shoes (no flip flops or open-heeled shoes please!).
  4. Water bottle with your child’s name on it
  5. Snack for after class? (It’s always a good idea to prevent the “Hangries!”)
  6. Any medications such as inhalers, epipens, etc.

Nope! But classes may run in the mornings during “school hours”.

At Noodlelegs, we have a heart for children with special needs, and therefore we will do all we can to accommodate. However, it does depend on the child’s level of physical and cognitive abilities. Please contact us. 

**We are looking into developing a Functional Play class for children with special needs! Please spread the word about our potential class – and leave us your email. We will contact you directly to let you know what’s happening. 

****For insurance purposes, your child(ren) CANNOT participate in any Functional Play classes without all of these forms filled out and handed to the Noodlelegs instructor.****

Required Forms